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3 essential Steps for a B2B Lead Generation strategy

For a company that wants to get new customers, partnerships and contacts, there are many marketing strategies, and with the web, these have had a significant and revolutionary boost.

The sales do not lose its importance but is complemented by numerous tools that can better present a company to its audience and generate new leads and sales.

The set of these strategies is called Lead Generation applied to online or the generation of leads motivated to purchase the products of a company or interested in a partnership.

As well as consumers, companies looking for new suppliers, today more than ever, turn to the web. They carry out their personal research, collect preliminary and informative material about the company, study the reference sector to find a solution to their problem.

A company that wants to be found and present to its audience to increase sales cannot, therefore, ignore these three fundamental phases:

  • Building your own corporate identity online
  • Generation of qualified leads
  • Lead Nurturing and evaluation of the purchasing process.


1. The website and communication.

Let’s start with the first phase.

It seems trivial to say, but having a website is now of primary importance for a company.

Once built, however, it does not mean that the work is finished. It is necessary to take care of it, to update it with always new contents inherent to one’s own reference sector. 

The website must be up to date with technologies but at the same time in line with the characteristics of the visitors.

So it is essential to analyze your target audience, identify their needs and the means through which they document and communicate, to choose the most suitable ones to use.

For example, not all companies, especially medium / large ones, have updated computers and operating systems. It is good to make sure that the website is correctly visible and usable by everyone.

I will not go into detail on the technical and functional characteristics of a website but a small parenthesis should be made on the importance of the user experience.

The website must communicate and cancel the distances between the two interlocutors. The user must be able to interact with the pages of the website and navigate it simply, identifying the information he is looking for as quickly as possible. The keywords are: simplicity, consistency and relevance.

As for the contents instead, what to insert to make your website effective?

The goal of the Lead Generation is to inform and educate its audience.

Doing so means creating and publishing content of value for the user but which at the same time characterizes the company as an expert in its reference sector, through the inclusion of:

  1. Images and texts with a strong attractive component and which at the same time provide a clear and immediate representation of the company and the context
  2. Case Histories and customer testimonials. The inclusion of one’s own projects and clients gives the company immediate authority and at the same time transmits confidence to those who are browsing the website.
  3. Informative and in-depth articles on specific topics.
  4. Industry guides and reports to be a point of reference, a source from which to obtain continuous updates.

Let’s now move on to the next step:

2. Attract customer attention and generate leads

Once you have built your identity online, the hardest part comes. That is to reach and be found by your target audience.

The ranking on search engines is of primary importance. Therefore SEO activities cannot be underestimated, as well as those of Link Building and Social Media Marketing.

To increase the popularity and visibility of your company, it is important to communicate through multiple channels. Among these, online advertising is essential if you want to achieve your goals quickly.

Platforms such as those offered by Google, Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin allow you to reach an audience that is already targeted and potentially interested in your business.

All these activities will allow you to introduce yourself to your audience but it is not enough.

A company hardly decides to contact another company or buy the first time it lands on the site. But she may probably be willing to leave her contacts in exchange for premium content or a demo. 

It is important to include calls to action and Landing Pages within the site that invite users to complete an action, such as downloading an additional resource or subscribing to the newsletter. Only in this way will you be able to obtain a contact list to focus on.

Last phase: 

Take care of the relationship with the contacts and accompany them to the purchase.

3. Lead Nurturing

We have reached the last phase, the most complex of all. It consists in the creation of a relationship with the contacts obtained through the website. 

Building a dialogue over time and a bond based on trust that will lead that contact to choose your company over the competition.

This activity is called Lead Nurturing and the methods to apply it concern the use:

  • Email marketing. Constant and lasting communication over time with your interlocutors will allow you to educate them about your business and monitor their interest.
  • Blog. An active and up-to-date corporate blog makes the company popular, differentiates it from the competition, increases the percentage of subscriptions and the positioning on search engines.
  • Social Media. Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, if used strategically, allow you to create contacts and direct interactions with other companies.

At this stage it is very important to monitor and analyze the behavior of your contacts. Evaluate their interest and participation with the messages sent. Only in this way will it be possible to capture the right moment in which to propose a sale.

I have tried to summarize the phases of this very complex process as much as possible. A book would not be enough on some of these activities, but I would like to know your opinion in comments.

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