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Amazon Prime Video: What it is & How it works

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is Amazon’s video streaming service, characterized by the presence of many original content and an excellent number of interesting old glories.

The service is also highly appreciated because it is included in Amazon Prime, the subscription of the well-known online store that allows you to take advantage of fast, free shipping on millions of products on sale on the site.

1. How does Amazon Prime Video works?

Prime video works very similarly to video services we have already talked about: Netflix and Hotstar Disney.

Like these, press on the content of our interest to see it start.

In reproduction, you can also choose if you want to activate subtitles. Suppose you want to select another language for audio (this is a handy thing for those who wish to study or refresh another language).

If you want, through the App, you can also download movies and TV series in the Amazon Prime Video catalogue that you can then see calmly and without advertising at a later time, even without having an Internet connection available.

Everything works straightforwardly, you can connect to the site, or download one of the clients available for the various platforms. Once logged in with your Amazon account you can reproduce the entire catalog offered for our country.

2. How much does Prime Video cost?

The answer that some may give you is nothing because it is included with Amazon Prime, the subscription that many already have active to have free shipments fast from the well-known online store.

Amazon Prime costs 12.99 USD per month, or 119 USD per year, plus access to Prime Video and the aforementioned fast shipments, include:

  • Access to Amazon Prime Music;
  • Access to Prime Reading which offers hundreds of eBooks to read for free from your Kindle or through the Kindle app for iOS and Android;
  • Amazon Photos, which provides storage space to make an unlimited backup of your photos in high definition;
  • Twitch Prime, the well-known service for viewing the live broadcasts of the best gamers;
  • early access to Prime offers.
  • Prime Video can be used for streaming video with three devices at the same time, but they will not be able to see the same content at the same time (for example the same episode of the same series).
  • There are no limits to the number of devices that can be associated with the Amazon Prime Video account.
  • Prime account is rarely shared because it is the same as Amazon, and in that there is the payment method, so anyone with the credentials could use it, and it is not exactly something that someone wishes.

If you are not already an Amazon Prime customer,

3. What does Prime Video offer?

An imported number of original series of the highest quality, among these we can certainly not count: Picard, The Boys, The fantastic Mrs. Maisel (in original The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), The Expanse, American Gods, Tom Clancys Jack Ryan, Carnival Row, Fleabag, The Man In The High Castle, The Grand Tour, Good Girls Revolt, The Terror.

But Prime Video also offers non-original series that would be a crime to miss, among them: South Park, Friends, I Griffin, The Office, Modern Family, Dr. House, How I meet your mother, Parks and Recreation, Black-ish, Dr. Who and many others.

Now the catalog from this point of view is really nourished, the great classics are not lacking, and are flanked by new proposals of absolute value.

Even from the point of view of the films, one can certainly not complain about the list include Inglourious Basterds, Hot Fuzz, the first four Indiana Jones, the first three Jurassic Park, Super 8, Interstellar, The Lord of the Rings, the whole Back to the Future saga and many others between classics and new colossal.

4. What platforms does Amazon Prime Video support?

The number of supported platforms is enormous, today Prime Video can be viewed on any HTML 5 compatible browser. Furthermore, the service is supported by an important number of SmartTVs. HDR should be supported by a large number of models compatible with the technology, given the support for the HDR10 + standard.

The smart TVs supported for playback are:

  • Samsung TVs: all smart models produced after 2012;
  • LG TVs: the intelligent models produced since 2014;
  • TVs produced by Sony from 2014;
  • Panasonic SmartTVs produced since 2014.
  • Besides these which are the major brands, the list is very rich, to know in detail the supported models you can refer to this updated page.

Furthermore, with the latest developments, after the reconciliation between Amazon and Google, models with AndroidTV are also supported. Also, full compatibility with Chromecast has finally been added.

If you do not have a SmartTV, there is no need to replace your screen, you can opt for decidedly cheaper solutions, such as the Fire TV, or the Chromecast and some TvBox models. Or, if you want to spend more, it is finally worth mentioning the complete compatibility with Apple TV.

Also, Prime video is available as an App on Play Station 4 and Xbox One. In addition, of course, comfortable clients are available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets (therefore iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

5. Is it possible to change the region on Amazon Prime video?

Amazon Prime Video is available in over 200 countries, in some of these, there is greater availability of video content on-demand. For this reason, many wonder if it is possible to change the region on Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, the answer is currently not, unlike Netflix and Disney Plus.

Previously Amazon allowed changing the region of your account using a good VPN. Now it seems that the company has noticed the trick and has blocked it.

6. Other Amazon Prime benefits

  • Early access to flash offers: you can see the next flash offers ahead of users without Prime;
  • Amazon Prime Video: you can access the legal streaming platform offered by Amazon for free, with hundreds of films and
  • TV series, from your TV, from your computer, and from your smartphone or tablet, with the possibility not only to see them but also to download them ;
  • Prime Photos: a cloud service with which to save all your photos taken on your smartphone in unlimited online storage space.
  • Prime Reading: read a selection of hundreds of books, updated regularly;
  • Prime Music: Listen to over 2 million songs and 40 hours of music every month, without advertising and also available offline;
  • Video Game Discounts: you can get exclusive discounts on all new releases and pre-orders made in the Video Games section, including special editions for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One S and X, Wii U, 3DS and other consoles.
  • Twitch Prime: you can view all the gameplay videos and live broadcasts of the most famous gamers on the Twitch platform without advertising, with the addition of a monthly subscription to a Twitch channel of your choice. You will receive characters, vehicles, skins, and power-ups for the most popular video games on Twitch. In addition, completely free games are offered.

The advantages are really numerous, also considering the cost of the Prime subscription (which I will cover in the Costs section).

If you have not already done so, I suggest you activate Amazon Prime immediately and make the most of the most famous e-shopping platform. Thanks for Reading.

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