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Best 6 Free & Paid Antivirus in 2021 For PC

Damn cybercriminals!

Oh yes, we all have to be careful because there is no day when we don’t connect to the Internet to read an email, chat, shop, check your online account, play games and know how many other things.

Today, in the age of technology, everything, or almost everything, passes through the Internet.

And this can involve risks, more or less significant. Someone might want to recover the data of our credit card or observe what we do when we sit in front of the pc.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all this!

The first solution is to have responsible behavior; the second solution is to protect your device with a free and effective antivirus.

On the other hand, the second is how much an antivirus can slow down the PC and how this can affect the use of the computer in standard conditions or in extreme conditions (when using graphics programs or online games).

In addition to the tests carried out by the laboratory, we have personally made our tests.

Thanks to all this, we have compiled the best free antivirus list to be installed on your PC.

But the question is which are the best free antivirus for computers?

The list of antiviruses that we have compiled is a ranking that takes into account a “standard” configuration.

For this reason, please read all the tested software reviews to understand which one is the most suitable for your needs.

Using free antivirus to keep your computer safe against viruses is not a safe practice. We recommend you to use the always paid version of antivirus because it will provide proper security and keep your system or mobile safe.


The antivirus that almost all the world knows what it is? 

The Kaspersky It is the most effective antivirus that protects your computer and is entirely free. 

Kaspersky is at the top of the charts; the opinions of many users are very positive, as it protects any PC. The introductory download is a tiny file, but in the installation process, the entire program will be downloaded, which is 150 MB large.

When you have completed this first phase, you will be offered two options to authorize:

  1. The defense against harmful devices, auto-dialers, suspicious, adware programs
  2. Detection of programs that criminals can use to harm the computer or clean up your personal data.

I want to remember that before using the antivirus, Kaspersky will ask you to create an account. Still, I also want to tell you that. However, you will not be obliged to do this, so to avoid this procedure, it will be enough, (press the wheel located at the bottom of left to make settings, this will skip the registration screen).

While, if you decide to register an account, the computer will be registered with Kaspersky Online and you will have the possibility to create a scan, update the database and make other activities work.

The Kaspersky antivirus instantly activates the “electronic brain” protection against malware and malicious software in real-time.

Advantages of the Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky is very light; it will not give any problem; in fact, its protection also blocks the attacks that, many times, we are subject online by scanning e-mails. I believe that today this antivirus has the most complete and efficient solutions on the market; it is fast reliable. 

Besides, you will often have Kaspersky Security Cloud updates automatically. Therefore you will have the certainty that the antivirus will always be updated.

2. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus 2019 is one of the best antiviruses without making any form of controversy, both because this platform has decades of experience, and consequently does the impossible to keep up with the times, always updated the program flawlessly, in this way it satisfies its old customers and its new consumers, and both for its security that it offers to all its users, guaranteeing at any time any threats, which may be subject to your computer, in fact, the system in real-time makes its updates.

The connection of the AVG antivirus, logically, you have to run it on a PC where there is no other similar program. The 2019 version is ideal for Windows 10 and has cloud protection; this means that the platform highlights viruses quickly. Even if we face anonymous threats, using the cloud engine (i.e., online ), you will be protected.

AVG Antivirus 2019, as in the last version, has a PC Analyzer, for cleaning Windows and for maintaining the system. This antivirus rectifies registry inaccuracies, deletes old files, eliminates junk, and cleans inactive links.
Whether you use your personal computer for private or commercial use, it is essential to have a good antivirus, since the danger of infection is always lurking.

Advantages of the AVG antivirus

As you have noticed of advantages this antivirus, nor has several but, among its main features, there is the system from malware that helps you in defending PC. This is a very efficient security system, as it detects all the ” contagions ” with the respective sources. With this system, you can decide whether to eliminate the viruses or place them in quarantine. A communication will notify you when all this happens. 

Also, the software blocks unauthorized access to the system, using the anti-spyware module.


Windows Defender is a program that we already discover in all the latest versions of Windows. His job is to defend your PC from viruses and malware.

Windows Defender is the antivirus resolution that Microsoft provides for free in its Windows 10 operating system. This project can offer its protection to defeat viruses and block any danger that invades our operating system.

Many of you often believe that commercial paid solutions are much safer to protect your PC but, believe me … it is not so. 

If you take a look at the opinions and reviews of many users, you will find that they are fully satisfied with these free programs that avoid viruses, which damage our operating systems.

Your computer will be protected with antivirus protection built into Windows 10. Windows Defender Antivirus provides real-time protection by blocking software threats like viruses, spyware, and malware, which can also come from unknown emails.

Windows Defender Antivirus protects complete protection from all these pitfalls so that you can easily surf the net without the anxiety of a safe … the enemy on the prowl.

Advantages of Windows Defender antivirus

Do you want to know the advantages of this antivirus? Windows Defender provides you with complete, continuous but, free of charge, protection. 

Standard performance: nothing to buy. Nothing to connect. No configuration, no paid feeds, and no claim to purchase a license.

4. AVIRA Antivirus

The Best and The Free Antivirus Avira

Well, in the first place without a shadow of a doubt is he, Avira, the free antivirus for PC and Mac, which, even in different forms, has been around since 1986, and is today still one of the most respected among consumers of Worldwide.

Avira is one of the best-known antivirus programs by all, always available for free, has passed the comparative tests very well, and has recently improved with several vital functions, such as file identification based on cloud computing.

I also want to highlight the fact that Avira for free took off not only in its “classic” version for Windows but was also designed for different platforms, such as; Android and Mac.

The program shows itself with the white backdrop, from which you can touch all the subsections that enclose your preferences, settings, and various functions. We can issue the system scan, without deviations, from the main panel, and from there, if you wish, we can locate the updates.

Advantages of the Avira antivirus

A feature much appreciated by many users is that, from the moment of installation, it is suggested to be able to decide which additional components to install and which not.

Many “adversaries” install together with the antivirus an entire package of … “tools,” made up of additional options and software that the consumer may never need.

Therefore, we can consider them completely useless, but also with the danger to significantly limit the speed of the PC.

With Avira, all this does not happen, because even if Avira antivirus programs have a good number of these elements, it does not force you to install them all…. at least you don’t want to.

Most antivirus programs allow the user to decide between three types of scans: customizable, complete, and quick. Avira, on the other hand, offers all three of them. The one you customize allows you to decide whether to scan all local disks or only several of them. You can also determine if you want to detect malware inside files and documents or not.


I did not understand what you said? Your antivirus was a flop, did you catch a virus that blocked your PC? Your antivirus has let go of any cyber threat. 

And now are you asking me for an opinion? Okay, I am here for you too, but I warned you to read this article of mine, where I recommend all my readers the best free antivirus.

You didn’t follow me, and you were “wounded a good virus.” I hope you understand the lesson. However, apart from this, our bickering, I can tell you that such a thing can happen since no antivirus is foolproof. Even if you buy a paid antivirus, you can risk being bombed by the enemy of technology.

I want to introduce you, Bitdefender Antivirus for free, one of the best antiviruses on the market (as even the comparative tests carried out by AV-Comparatives report ). 

It allows you to check all the files on your personal computer, looking for probable viruses. Even more fundamentally, it provides real-time protection for your system, without overloading the system too much.

Advantages of the Bitdefender antivirus

The benefits of Bitdefender antivirus are different: it is safe, reliable, it never betrays you, but the most important thing is that once installed, you will never leave it. It will defend your system from any viruses, trojans, adware, spyware, etc.

Your new antivirus will not weigh down your “electronic brain,” you will no longer have strange blocks on your monitor. I assure you that you will have a computer protected against all the significant computer signs. 

Also, you will no longer be subject to pop-ups unwanted ( pop-ups are those very unpleasant propaganda windows that suddenly open when you travel to specific Internet sites or click on particular links).

So what are you waiting for?


Avast Antivirus for free, this too is part of the family of the best antivirus that protects your computer from attacks by our invisible enemies. Its free security has an excellent reputation. This notoriety stems from the fact that it has a user interface that is enormously simple to use with an “engine” capable of protecting the system at 360 degrees.

We all know that the Internet is fraught with obscure dangers and hackers who enjoy stealing your private information, but Avast’s powerful antivirus can make it easier. If you are concerned about your privacy and want to protect your PC from viruses, malware, and hacks, it offers the right article for free.

Also, Avast provides excellent features that do the cleaning job on your computer, and you are safe while browsing the web.

Avast I can find it for Windows, for Mac OS X and Android: two platforms that are always subject to malware attacks. This antivirus has the task of protecting the system at 360 degrees, by regularly checking all the activities that are carried out by you with your computer (both online and offline).

It also allows you to optimize system activities by removing obsolete software and erasing various difficulties that can limit your PC.

Advantages of the Avast antivirus.

Our ally Avast has passed several tests, but the most important was that of checking antivirus tests. This platform earned a high rating for its ability to detect attacks and even for the protection it offers from new hacks.

The main thing is that you can always have Avast running, and your PC will not be affected, and will not suspend its operation for no reason. Another important point of which I want to inform you is that the software does not detect many inaccurate readings, which means that Avast does its job very well.


Hackers and cybercriminals have increased compared to a few years ago. Some recent studies show how the episodes related to fraud, even dangerous, computer science grows significantly year after year.

For this reason, protecting their devices with specially designed software has become a necessity for everyone.

We must also be careful where we decide to find the software we want to install. There are many sites that have also been created for a long time, that behind the guise of official portals, voluntarily or not, make users download programs that are only apparently safe.

So the advice we want to give you is to, if you are not 110% sure, get the free copies of the antivirus described in this article, directly from the manufacturer software house.

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