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August 12, 2020
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How To Choose Best Office Printer In 2021

Best Office Printer

Printing documents is one of the most common operations performed in an office. Therefore, choosing the right printers to use can be essential to keep printing costs down and keep productivity high

Opting for the cheapest model is not always a winning choice, already in the short term, let alone for even more extended periods. 

In this article, I will try to guide you among the best solutions that the broad market can offer for every need, to print quickly, efficiently, economically and also environmentally.

If, on the other hand, you have a printer that has recently exhibited some problem, printing badly or jamming, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. 

Often you can also fix it yourself by saving money and resuming printing as usual; in this regard you can consult this in-depth guide from troubleshooting printers.

Which to choose between ink and laser printers?

The answer depends on your needs, but before going into different cases, it is necessary to dispel some myths:

  • Laser printers are no longer as expensive as inkjet models, and they also don’t take that long to pay for themselves. Also, colour laser models have become more accessible.
  • Inkjet models are inexpensive to maintain, slow in printing, and only capable of making smearing prints. The advances made with this printing mode have made them very efficient.

The two technologies have fixed some of their historical defects, but they are not perfect here is a quick summary of the current situation between strengths and weaknesses:

  • Laser printers are faster on average; they can print even one page per second, offer an excellent definition of the written text, have an unbeatable cost per printed page (84% lower than any inkjet), finally, they have toner separated for each colour.
  • On the other hand, even colour laser models remain unsuitable for photographic printing, and in general, for images full of details, toners must be used and disposed of with caution (they are toxic). 
  • It would help if you were careful of the heavy use of these printers. Indoors.
  • Inkjet printers can achieve higher resolution, are better for printing photos, images and graphics, and are safer because cartridges and inks are non-toxic. 
  • But although on average faster than the models of previous years, they remain slow compared to laser solutions, only some models have quick-drying inks, and only some houses allow the use of compatible cartridges (or have launched models with eco tank) capable of having a cost per page vaguely comparable to laser solutions. 

For both printer models it is advisable to opt for compatible cartridges and compatible or re-manufactured toner. Usually, excellent printing results can be obtained by drastically cutting costs.

The differences between laser and LED printers

Lasers and LEDs are based on the same operating principle, where the light produced by the printer which is directed onto the sheet allows the ink powder contained in the toner to adhere to the sheet. 

But what changes is how the result is achieved.

In a laser printer there is a complex mechanism that creates a beam of light and focuses it through lenses on the point of the page to be printed. 

An LED printer, on the other hand, has fewer mechanical moving parts, as the light beam is produced only by a band of LEDs that lights up on the head, to create the light beam necessary for printing.

An LED printer has some advantages over a laser printer:

  • lower maintenance costs, there are fewer moving parts that can break and the head is often guaranteed for life;
  • higher printing speed, especially evident in the color models;
  • greater printing precision, as the LEDs are placed closer to the page than the lens assembly that focuses the laser;
  • Smaller footprint, the smaller presence of moving parts allows creating more compact models.

Here are some interesting models equipped with LED technology:

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