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August 16, 2020

5 Best VPN Software for Windows (Free & Paid) In 2021

Best VPN Software for Windows

Best VPN Software for Windows

In this article, in addition to advising you, which are the Best VPN Software for Windows (Free & Paid) in 2021, we will also see what they are and how to use them effectively. VPN services are the primary tool for keeping your online browsing safe while taking care of protecting our privacy on the internet.

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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a security service and computer privacy which enables an encrypted connection between a computer and a VPN service provider’s server in slang called “tunnel.”

This means that we can create (case 1) a secure connection between us and the server of our company to access internal private systems or we can create a secure connection (case 2) between us and a third party VPN service that takes care of masking all the traffic for us, guaranteeing us anonymity on the internet.

In this article, we will see how to make the most of and choose the Best VPN Software for windows for the second and most compelling case: anonymity, privacy, and internet security.

It is essential to understand that safety is not a product (as those who work in the field know well) but a process;

Using a VPN software will undoubtedly increase our level of privacy and security on the internet but will not magically make us invulnerable to sophisticated attacks and will not allow us to carry out illegal activities without consequences.

Common sense is always required when using these types of technologies.

How to choose the best VPN Software for Windows

In addition to guaranteeing high standards of security and privacy when browsing the internet, the best VPNs must be fast so as not to limit any operation carried out by those who have purchased it (for example, streaming a video service that requires a lot of bands).

They must also be available for all countries in the world with a large number of servers, to always guarantee availability to a geographical area of ​​interest to us from which to connect.

As you can well understand, all these features can only be found in paid VPN, with a little cost, especially if we buy the cheapest 1, 2, or 3-year packages, which lower the final price up to 5/6 USD, per month.

Among the various paid VPN software for windows, all that remains is to compare all the services offered, compared to the final cost, based on the duration of the service.

Another feature to evaluate is the possibility of having access to the VPN from different types of devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc) and also from how many of these it is possible to take advantage of the VPN service at the same time, while still guaranteeing considerable bandwidth.

In order not to make the tunnel become a bottleneck for your connection.

We have personally tested all VPN Software service providers currently on the market, drawing up an accurate ranking, which you will find in the next paragraph, based on all the main evaluation parameters, including privacy, security, services and quality of VPN servers for speed, breadth of band and number of devices that can simultaneously use the service.

1. Surfshark VPN

  • Number of servers: 1,700
  • Number of different geographic locations: 64
  • IP addresses: 500+
  • Maximum number of supported devices: Unlimited

Price: 1 month at $ 11.95 | 1 year at $ 5.99 per month | two years for $ 2.12 per month

Service at a very competitive price and therefore, highly recommended for those who want to save something. By clicking directly on the proposed link, you will have the discount already applied. 

This VPN Software for window is optimized for streaming (works perfectly with US Netflix catalogue and other legal streaming services ). 

Surfshark supports P2P for torrents but not port forwarding (ergo is not suitable for Emule and file seeding). 

Note the possibility of using an unlimited number of devices simultaneously (routers, computers, mobile phones). Among the best VPNs ever, it doesn’t store browsing information. 

There is a 30-day refund for those who choose the two-year subscription.

2. NordVPN

  • Number of servers: 5,946
  • Number of different geographical locations: 59
  • IP addresses: ND
  • Maximum number of supported devices: 6

Price: 1 month at $ 12.59 | one year at $ 7.37 per month | two years at $ 3.68 per month | three years at $ 3.11 per month.

Among the best VPN around and with high-speed servers available (you won’t notice any slowdowns). The geographic locations convenient are also varied and let P2P / Torrent traffic pass smoothly. 

Provides access to up to 6 devices simultaneously with the same account. Price justified for the services and benefits it offers. Read the NordVPN review.

3. Private Internet Access

  • Number of servers: 3,274
  • Number of different geographic locations: 48
  • IP addresses: ND
  • Maximum number of supported devices: 10

Price: 1 month at $ 13.84 | 1 year at $ 3.67 per month | two years for $ 2.96 per month + 2 months free

Among the cheapest and safest VPNs that have quickly climbed our ranking. It allows Torrent, P2P, Emule traffic, IPTV video streaming, and even Kodi. 

It can be used to access Netflix and Disney Plus catalogs of many foreign countries.

It is one of the few services with completely Open Source client and browser extensions, demonstrating its extreme reliability. 

It supports Android, Chrome, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems.

It does not keep any logs and is very fast. It has an exciting ad-blocking feature to disable advertising while browsing. 

To find out about all the tests we have carried out, we invite you to go for a free trial of Private Internet Access.

4. CyberGhost VPN

  • Number of servers: 6,287
  • Number of different geographic locations: 89
  • IP addresses: ND
  • Maximum number of devices supported: 7 devices

Price: 1 month at $ 14.20 | 6 months at $ 9.46 per month | 18 months for $ 3.26 per month.

Excellent VPN with a transparent policy regarding stored data (logs, in fact); it does not save anything on IP addresses and does not monitor your activities while connected. 

The number of different geographical locations is excellent. Above all, it is possible to use any country IP address.

It is excellent for IPTV streaming, for downloading files via torrent and is compatible with US Netflix to watch movies and TV series from the US catalog. 

It is the only VPN to have a page entirely in any country, so it is suitable for those who do not chew English well. 

Excellent client and extension for all browsers, CyberGhost offers a right of withdrawal of 45 days

Find the full review with an in-depth analysis of our pages: CyberGhost VPN Review.

5. ZenMate VPN

  • Number of servers: 3,700
  • Number of different geographic locations: 74
  • IP addresses: ND
  • Maximum number of supported devices: unlimited

Price: 1 month at $ 13.01 | 6 months for 6.38 per month | 18 months for $ 2.63 per month.

In the third position, for the incredible quality/price ratio, we find a VPN from the same authors of CyberGhost. It is in this position in the ranking thanks to the meager price. 

If you choose the 18-month subscription, with the reserved offer of our site, the price is only $ 2.63 per month ($ 43.77 is the total price for 18 months). The amount of servers is smaller than CyberGhost, but beyond that, it’s a full service.

As mentioned in our review, ZenMate does not maintain any log activity and does not cooperate with any government or judicial action. 

For streaming, it offers unlimited bandwidth and speeds of 50 Mb / s with the least congested servers. 

ZenMate client offers Kill Switch functionality, which immediately blocks all connections if the direct contact with the VPN is lost. 

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