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The 10 Best WordPress Plugins You Can’t Give Up

Do you need assistance for WordPress? AquaUpgrade can help you. WordPress’s success is mainly due to its ease of use. Everyone loves this software for its transformation capacity according to the needs of the user. 

This flexibility is due to the extensions that are quickly reaching six thousand. Among so many choices, what are the 10 WordPress plugins you can’t give up?

In this article, you will find all the essential plugins for your site. I have included a lot of them, beyond the ten essential ones, or at least all those that I consider genuinely noteworthy, to make your WordPress brilliant.

To be as complete as possible, I wanted to include others that in my opinion best represent what you need, find 15 of them.

Keep in mind that each site has its specific topic, the classic niche that requires its particular plugins which are useful only for that sector such as a law firm. 

The topics covered by plugins such as security, SEO, loading speed, and others of this kind, must not be missing on your blog, simply because they improve performance and give you the peace of mind to think only of content.

The 10 WordPress plugins make your life easier, improve your time as it becomes more productive. They carry out their work in a silent and automated way.

There are so many WordPress extensions that multiple plugins develop many features at the same time. Still, they are not duplicates, only extensions that can improve some aspects rather than others.

You can find free or paid plugins, but there are also those defined freemium, and that is free ones with additional advanced features and available only for a fee.

In this article, I have not spared any expense you find all three categories, precisely because I concentrated on those that give something more tangible.

If you decide to insert one of the plugins that I will show you below, go to the Dashboard of your WordPress, under Plugins and click on Add new

In the search space at the top right write the name of the plugin, or copy and paste from the title of the extension that you find gradually scrolling through this post.

Let’s start immediately with a very powerful plugin.


The name suggests the potential of this extension. Jetpack automates many features such as security, site performance, facilitates traffic growth, optimizes images, an aspect that is becoming increasingly important, and more.

With Jetpack, you are immediately in contact with the leading search engines to maximize indexing and ranking. Automatically generate a sitemap.

The security it also offers against brute force attacks is essential. Always pay attention to this specific point, since especially at the beginning, you tend not to consider it. Over time your site will become more visible, not only to the moral, we understand each other!

Your site will be checked every 5 minutes for any problems.

If you have decided to download this WordPress extension, you will have to act on the settings panel. The window that opens when you activate it shows you titles at the top. 

Click on the second (after general) and tick the first three functions. They are 5; the last two are left unchecked. Later you can explore other aspects.


This extension comes with all WordPress packages, even the basic ones. It’s anti-spam, check all comments and filter them automatically.

If you have inserted the comments function of your blog, then Akismet will give you a hand to know better those who leave, or instead, would like to leave an intervention. The site moderator can have an overview of who comments and what he writes, to then approve it or not. 

Not infrequently, comments are used to insert a URL for advertising purposes, Akismet identifies and blocks them. This plugin is free, for commercial sites, a subscription is required, as it activates advanced security features.


YOAST SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress

One of the necessary WordPress plugins if you want your posts to have attractive features to climb the rankings. SEO has become increasingly important, and knowing how to optimize a post is the key to reaching the top. 

It is one of the reasons why WordPress has taken so much space.

He is a companion who helps you write SEO friendly, suggests where you need to improve and how users will read your post.

With Yoast SEO Plugin, choose a keyword on which to focus the attention of the post. It is based on the understanding by search engines about the topic you are dealing with. 

It allows you to enter a summary which will then be displayed in the preview. It gives you a readability score. Warn about the alt tags to be given to the images you insert. 

Finally, it allows you to give an ordered structure to the post by choosing the appropriate titles and subtitles.

The free version is already substantial, if you also intend to analyze the site more deeply then there is the Premium version.



The title is a bit long; I preferred to insert it all since there are several with similar names.

On WordPress, you can activate the user registration function. What does it mean? 

Each user can join your site directly through a registration form that you make available. You can activate this function from the WordPress control panel. Click on Settings, in the drop-down menu that follows, press General. Now you can put the check to: ” Everyone can sign up “.

This method of joining by email and username is not precisely the best in management. And here comes the suggested plugin. It makes this function user friendly and simple for users who want to register.

You create the contact form for registration, in about ten seconds.

The free version already has what it takes, despite this you can get other paid features.



We can also define this as an SEO specific WordPress plugin. With this extension, you are sure that the main search engines can index your site.

After downloading and activating it, an automatic XML sitemap will be generated. 

The entire structure of the site will, therefore, be easily recoverable from the various search engines. The automatic notification function is exciting, and it acts every time you publish something, without the need to do it personally.

Unfortunately, if you already have Yoast, there may be some conflict, so it’s up to you to choose!



A site that wants to establish relationships with its visitors needs a contact page. 

The reason for being contacted through the site can be varied, such as the commercial one or simply for suggestions or even for the excellent feedback.

A helpful contact page facilitates the function, and that’s what Everest Forms intends to do. It is effortless to build the contact form yourself with intuitive commands such as drag & drop.

Choose between two available designs to use as an interface on the modules you intend to activate. Given the number of options it offers, it is useful to take a look at the demo.

It is a complete and free plugin; it also provides the reCaptcha module, among other things.

It is merely the reference for contact forms.



This plugin is perhaps less known than the others. I consider it an essential WordPress plugin, only because it gives you an extra boost in the search engine rankings, and now I’ll explain why.

Whenever a search engine crawls your site, it tries to figure out what context to place yourself. Words can have different meanings, so it is necessary to be able to frame the topic and its scope. is a kind of additional vocabulary that acts behind the scenes of our text. Markup, therefore, has the function of assigning a higher level of contextuality, and this is good for the rankings.

What happens in the ranking of highlighted results (the SERP)? Your site will be more relevant than another that will not have the markup.

The search engine will feel able to obtain additional information for users, therefore greater visibility.

8. W3 Total Cache

total cache

W3 TOTAL CACHE improves the performance of your WordPress site

Another plugin that you shouldn’t miss. 

A website must be fast enough to be opened in a matter of seconds. It said that after 6 seconds an average user abandons that search result to move on to another one, it is the so-called rebound.

With W3 Total Cache, caching is carried out which consists in making a web page visible by merely accessing the cache data, where images and texts of the searched page are temporarily stored. 

This way, it can be generated in much less time. The performance of the site in terms of display speed will be significantly improved and with it SEO in general.

It also acts in terms of reducing the weight of various files up to 80%.


wp suush

Another  WordPress plugin you should not miss. When you upload a post you usually insert images, these make the article more captivating and readable. If the photos are not carefully reduced in weight, you risk slowing down the page display.

WP SMUSH compresses the images for you and does it automatically. Compression, without losing quality, is what it takes to have an excellent performing site. 

Photos in JPEG, GIF and PNG format optimized and beautiful as in their original format, with the SEO effect ensured by the upload speed.


wp optimizre

After the initial euphoria of having your site, over time, you add plugins, images, spam, and more with the effect of weighing down the cache and database of your WordPress. With this plugin, you can optimize WordPress and automatically remove data that is no longer considered necessary.

Thanks for reading 10 best WordPress plugins blog. if you liked the content so please share your opinion in the comment section below


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