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Best free MP3 converter for PC, Android and iOS

Have you downloaded music from the Internet, and only now have you noticed that the downloaded files are in an audio format that is not compatible with your smartphone, your Smart TV or any other device? 

Since the most popular audio format is MP3, using files of different sizes may cause you to run into compatibility problems, especially with older tools.

Do not worry! You can fix it easily, quickly, and for free using an MP3 converter.

In this guide, you will find the best free MP3 converters that you can use on PC with Windows, on Android and iOS smartphones, and finally, a roundup of free online converters that can be used on any device regardless of the operating system in use.

1. Convert MP3 with PC

If you want to use a converter on your Windows PC, I recommend trying the Free Audio Converter program.

On the program’s website page, click Free Download to download the converter to your PC.

Installation is straightforward, click on Next until the end, where the program interface will open, as shown in the image below.

The program is very intuitive to use:

  1. click at the top left on Audio to add the music files to convert;
  2. then click on the button at the bottom that calls up the right conversion profile (in this case to MP3 ).
  3. In the new window that you will see appear, you can choose the quality of the MP3 conversion, the file path, and have an estimate of the size of the converted files.
  4. To start the translation, click Convert in the center of the window.

In seconds you will have your converted MP3 file in the indicated folder, ready to be listened to or transferred to another device.

If you want to try other free MP3 converters for pc you can try one of the recommended ones in the list below:

2. Convert MP3 with Android

Do you want to get an MP3 converter on your Android smartphone or tablet? You can use the free Video MP3 Converter app.

Even if the name suggests a simple video converter, with this app, you can convert both the videos and the music tracks present in your device’s internal memory, choosing between different output formats (the inevitable MP3 but also AAC and OGG ).

To use it, all you have to do is:

  1. open the app;
  2. choose the right tab based on the type of respondent ( Video or Audio );
  3. select the files to convert;
  4. choose the output format and quality;
  5. then click Convert to get the conversion to MP3 or other forms.

Also on Android, there are many apps cataloged as MP3 converter, here are the best free alternatives:

3. Convert MP3 with iOS

Have you downloaded songs from iTunes, but are they available in a format that cannot be read by others? You can convert media files to MP3 on iPhone or iPad for free using The Audio Converter app.

The app supports numerous formats for converting music, including MP3.

To use the app, simply:

  1. upload the media file to convert,
  2. please choose the desired multimedia format (MP3 in our case)
  3. start saving the song.

The converted file will be saved in the internal memory of your Apple device.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many other free iOS MP3 converters that are valid, so if this app doesn’t meet your requirements, you can always try one of the online services recommended in the next section.

4. Online MP3 Converters

Don’t want to install programs or apps to convert MP3 files? In this case, I recommend that you try one of the conversion sites available online for free. 

You will be able to get the conversion to MP3 in a simple way without even using the device’s resources.

The best site to use as an online MP3 converter is Zamzar.

To start the conversion through the site:

  1. Click Add Files to select one or more multimedia files to convert (both video and audio files are fine);
  2. select the MP3 format in Step 2 ( Convert to );
  3. finally, click on Convert Now (you can enter the email to receive a notification when the conversion is complete, and then you can download the converted files).

In seconds your file will be uploaded to the service, converted, and made available for download.

The alternatives to the Zamzar site are numerous; below, you can find some of the many online MP3 converters that I have tested and that offer impeccable service:

All the web services mentioned are excellent as free MP3 converters, usable from PC (with any operating system), and from mobile (especially on iPhone and iPad, where free conversion apps are rare).

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