My Story

My Story: My Blog is Now My Main Source of Income

My name is Vikash Nogia, the founder of

I am a Digital Marketing Expert in strategic Blogging who does not talk about “theories,” “value,” “community”… but about profit.  I am very passionate and crazy about online learning. I love traveling a lot!

I welcome you on AquaUpgrade Website. I am a founder of this site which over the years has become the most visited resource in India in the field of creating websites and blogs in WordPress. If you need our help, my team and I are here for you.

A few years ago, I was a recent graduate intern who spent a few hours of his spare time creating his income (my little blog).

That blog brought me a few thousand rupees a month … independence was a dream. My EMPLOYEE job was the “certainty” of a stable and risk-free profit.

But here’s the twist:

After being exploited for their comfort, the company where I worked decided NOT to renew my contract, they left me home overnight (with the rent to pay …).

It took that event to make me understand that depending on someone is NEVER a certainty!

I decided to stop doing what people around me told me to do (look for a new job) and dedicate myself entirely to my blog and source of income.

But from that day, I would no longer think of “making money with passions” as the “Gurus” suggest, but optimizing my blog for PROFIT …


Today I returned to master my life and became a point of reference for new Indian bloggers. Try taking a look at Google search for words like “how to create a blog,” “how to start a blog,” “make a blog.” You will find me on the front page!

My business revolves around my blog and the creation of strategic content, which gives value but to get results!

Maybe you, too, would like to start an online business from a blog?

Tell me:

Do you need help with things like these?

… You want to learn how to  “start a blog” to produce strategic content

… You want to understand how to  be credible and how to stand out from the competition 

… You want to find your topic, a profitable market niche

… You want to get more visitors by increasing subscribers and customers

And especially:

You are not here for passion, likes, and comments, but to make a profit?

… Then you’re in the right place!

NOTE: everything you learn from me will aim to make you a profit.