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6 Best & Free Photoshop Alternatives Software

Photoshop has become synonymous with photo editing and montage over the years. Adobe’s software has been improving over the years.

The program, in its most complete and authoritative version, with all the tools available, is paid and is also quite expensive.

Fortunately, valid free alternatives have appeared over the years. This article is dedicated to them; if you want to do professional photo editing without breaking a penny, you can’t miss it.

1. Photopea (WebApp)

Photopea is a handy HTML5 based WebApp to get to know and try . WebApp means that it is a complete application that you can use online, with no installation required.

The app appears as a free clone of the well-known and popular Adobe application and also provides numerous tools, of which it also faithfully replicates the layout of the menus. 

In short, almost a clone but free and without the need to install anything, what more could you want from life? 

Photopea can be reached directly on this page .

2. Photoshop Express (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS)

Yes, still him but in a free lite version created by Adobe for those users who do not need to use all the advanced tools of the full version.

With Photoshop Express, you can correct our photos on the fly, adjusting brightness, contrast, cropping, and rotating them. 

A small section of the most popular effects of the full version is also available, such as distortion effects. Photoshop Express is available as an app on the Windows Store, Mac App Store, Android Play Store, and iPhone and iPad App Store.

3. Pixlr X (WebApp)

This is a gorgeous web app that is packed with advanced tools and, like PhotoPea, needs no installation.

Compared to the competitor we talked about above, the interface is less reminiscent of the standard Photoshop one and is closer to those of an app for smartphones or tablets (so much so that it can also be used comfortably on these devices). 

Just press on the type of tool to use and apply the desired effect. Pixlr X can be used directly from this website.

4. GIMP (Windows, Mac, Linux)

It cannot miss the list of alternative programs to Photoshop; it is in practice its free equivalent (open source) and professional-level tools.

GIMP stands for Gnu Image M manipulation Program and is a large, useful cross-platform and compelling project. 

This is not the most straightforward program in the universe (a bit like Photoshop itself) but thanks to the numerous tutorials available on the net, it doesn’t take long to master it.

Recently, the possibility of constrain the panels has been added to have an interface more similar to that of the well-known competitor of Adobe.

The app is available on a good number of platforms; you can download the executable for your system directly from the website.

5. Paint.NET (Windows)

This is another great Photoshop alternative. Compared to GIMP, which wants to be a free equivalent of Photoshop, here we are faced with a Paint (the famous Windows app) on steroids. 

So this is a solution that is much more accessible but still really packed with powerful tools.

The advantages of the solution include: the simple, readable interface

and complete support for layers and the ability to expand the tools available to users through special plugins.

The community makes the plugins, and some are free, and some are paid. If you want to try it, you can download the Paint.NET exe directly from the project site .

6. Krita (Windows, Mac, Linux)

If you are an artist and are interested only in Photoshop’s most creative part, perhaps more than to correct photos, to create your works, the alternative that is right for you is Krita.

It is a convenient free, cross-platform software that is packed with suitable tools. With Krita, it’s easy to make drawingsillustrations, and comics.

If you miss any tools, the app is expandable and allows you to import textures and tools made by other artists. You can download this handy solution directly by downloading the executable suitable for your operating system from Krita’s site.

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