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The 4 Steps to Working From Home Online in 2020

In this article, I will tell you how to work from home – or more generally, how to make money – without depending on anyone else, giving life to your profitable and lasting online business.

Note the last two words I used in the previous sentence: profitable and durable.

When I talk about work from home, I don’t mean something from a “hit and go” to round off, but a serious business. 

This article was created to be the definitive guide to understand how to make money online.

The problem is that to show you how to do it in the shortest time possible; I will have to be raw and disappoint some of your expectations.

Why do I say this?

Because before writing this guide, I did a whole series of online searches, read articles, watched videos on YouTube (the first ones that appear in searches), and I realized that the number of misleading information is high and very dangerous.

As a result – most likely – you too have misconceptions about online earnings. But don’t worry, after reading this article, everything will be more apparent to you.

Let’s start with a fact known to all:

People are looking for the way to make easy money.

The consequence is that many bloggers, YouTubers, and marketers offer people solutions that satisfy them, even if they know very well that they are illusions. 

Why do they do it? Because they earn something (which will be more apparent to you by reading on).

On the other hand, as I already told you, I will be extremely raw: I will destroy all your beliefs about easy money, but then I will also give you all the advice you need.

Maybe now you’re wondering:

“If you know any tricks why should you reveal them to me? If you were smart and you would keep them for yourself. “

The question is legitimate, but the answer is straightforward:

I have been working as a digital entrepreneur for almost a decade, and I have enough experience to make sure that the “tricks” you are looking for … do not exist!

If there were tricks to make easy money, not only would I use them but I would sell them at a high price!

The point is another:

Even after realizing that OBJECTIVELY this article explains how to work from home and make good money, you will hardly have the strength (“the desire”) to work to change your life.

It’s a bit like the situation of most people who train in the gym. They know very well that you need perseverance and commitment both in training and in the diet to have a fantastic physique.

Yet where I train, there are not all the “Greek statues”! The process of having a beautiful physique is not a secret, but people prefer to believe that there is a “magical” supplement or exercise.

Summing up:

I will reveal the process, but you will realize that it is not a ten-minute thing, and consequently, I do not know how you will have the strength to get busy.

Okay, end introduction.

“But I’m looking for work right away … I need money.”


Note that in this guide, I will NOT report home job offers or strange employee job opportunities. 

The only great advice I can give you in this case  (of which I speak in-depth in my personal history )  is to have clear in mind that safe work does not exist. The only person on whom your fate depends is you.

Dependence on others is never a certainty. Maybe it was once, for our grandparents and our parents, but open your eyes: things have changed.

If you are hesitant to give me your trust, note that reading this article will not cost you half a euro.

But at the same time keep in mind that a single action can generate a chain of actions-reactions that lead to an UNEXPECTED result, even different from the starting point.

As a result, this article could lead you to incredible results, regardless of your initial skepticism.

(SPOILER: the result will depend on the actions you will take after assimilating the following information).

1/4: Working from home: the “mirage” of easy money

What is a mirage? It is a REAL FACT that strictly has to do with quick earnings.

Many think that mirages are a hallucination. The reality is that they are something impalpable, but “physical”.

They are an optical phenomenon that occurs when the sun’s rays meet a warmer layer of air than the overlying layers (where the air is colder and of higher density). This causes a total reflection, making it possible to see images as if they were actually reflected on the ground.

In your life, in summer, you’ve probably already seen a real mirage, seeing “water on the road”.

Why does this happen? Because the heat emitted from the asphalt heats the surface air (less dense than the higher one) causing reflection of the sky

It looks like water, but it’s not water! It is the reflected sky! And these thinking games can be both “inferior” (the one we have seen) and “superior” (boats that seem to fly, from which the legend of the Flying).


Sometimes the two effects add up, creating the so-called “Morgana Fairy Mirage”, which reflects distant objects making them appear on the horizon.

But why does this mirage thing have to do with working from home and easy money?

Leap into the past.

I correctly remember the first time I came up with the fantastic idea of ​​working from home. 

I was in the last year of high school, and one day the brilliant idea appeared on my PC, the super fantastic trick that guaranteed to make easy sods for life.

There was this individual, who claimed to have found the formula to always win at online roulette.

Roulette works like this: before the ball starts spinning, you can bet on the numbers or one of the two colours (red and black). 

If you guess right, you earn double the bet. Otherwise, you lose it.

The trick was based on a straightforward principle: just bet on one of the two colours and double in case of loss.

Example: Imagine you are betting Rs 10.

  • If you win… perfect! You take home 10 Rs (double the stake). And then you start all over again, betting your Rs 20 again.
  • If you lose… you bet on that colour again, but this time by doubling your bet. So if, for example, you previously bet Rs 10
  • , this time you will have to bet 20. In this way you will win 40 Rs and consequently, you will automatically recover the 10 lost in the first bet plus the 20 of the current one.
  • What if you lose again? No problem! You bet 40 to get 80, and recover the 10, 20, and last 40 wagered.

This guy claimed to have found the magic formula, because actually how many times you can lose, doubling each time you will be sure to recover the amount and – after a certain number of times – the colour you bet on will necessarily come out.

He was teaching me how to win money!


Not only does this sound damn logical and it works, but even the individual promoting the method had created a whole series of videos showing that he actually made a lot of money working from home this way.

… Plus there was the possibility to try the trick with a demo account!

And so I – nineteen years old full of hope and ignorance – tried. I decided to open my demo account, and actually, in a few minutes, I saw my money double.

I wasted no time and opened the actual account, depositing the minimum amount, convinced that I had discovered how to make easy money.

It is useless to confess that it ended badly.

But before I reveal why, I would like to talk to you about why that individual shared his trick to making easy money with everyone.

Whenever someone fell into the trap and deposited money on the betting site, he earned 50% of this deposit.

He was making money! The point is that he was not making money with the “trick”, but by promoting the online betting site.

By creating videos made using a demo account (where he could do all the tests he wanted without losing real money), he had created a real mirage! It showed something that I could see clearly, but that was only a manipulated reflection of reality.


I repeat: he did NOT make money with the system he showed, but he made money by getting people to invest and bet using that system!

And beware, for him, it was not illegal easy money, because among the betting sites with which this thing can be done there are the most famous and well-known ones.

It’s kind of like the ones showing how to make money with binary options. They do the same thing. They show you the mirage (video using demos), convince you to invest real money, and then the trading firm grants them a percentage of those earnings.

Unethical, undoubtedly, but not illegal. This revenue sharing mechanism is called affiliation.


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