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Subscription-Based Premium Water Services! Experience Scale-Free, Chlorine-Free Water Throughout Your House, Includes Purified Drinking Water for Refreshing Beverages, Cooking, and More

Immediately feel the difference

Forget about purchasing equipment or worrying about maintenance and filter changes. Experience the convenience of great water flowing effortlessly through every faucet in your home.

Discover our innovative water solution, offering you filtered, hardness-free, chlorine-free water throughout your entire household. Plus, enjoy the luxury of sub-40 TDS purified drinking and cooking water at your fingertips.


No equipment to buy
No maintenance or filter changes
No warranties to haggle with
No more bottles or salt


Yes! whole house and kitchen purified water
Yes! remote monitoring
Yes! we maintain everything
Yes! super affordable​

All your household water for just $19.50 per month plus 1.625 cents per gallon!​!

First time connection is $475 with existing loop. If you need a loop installed contact us and we'll see what we can do.

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Register early, and we'll include high quality drinking and cooking water at no additional charge as our way of saying thank you for signing up early.

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